Audi A6 Retrofitted D2S Bi-Xenon Projector

When the Audi A6 headlight was bright along with good hotspot. However as opportunity passes, the performance of front lights is much worse and even worse. the projector lense now is actually covered with a coating of white moisture to ensure the brightness reduce definitely. Because of this, the car manager pertained to Aozoom for upgrade his headlight to receive a better motoring eyesight.


The retrofit material list: AOZOOM D2S bi-xenon projector, FBL 35W HID bulb, as well as ABC 06 aftermarket D2S ballast.


It takes 6 hrs to retrofit our projector on the Audi A6 headlight, the new bi-xenon projector front lights happens along with a best distribution of lighting and also a supremely sudden deadline that will go your thoughts.

Our team can locate a great difference after upgrade. The brand new headlight source a risk-free driving sight as well as relaxed driving expertise, that are going to help a lot to the vehicle driver for long journey.